Last summer we got to know Stina, who lives in the town Volda on Vestlandet in Norway. She left the life in the city for the Norwegian mountains; to live closer to the nature and have more time to be outdoors.

In Volda she found an education that let her combine her passion for the outdoors with her studies. Today Stina work both as a teacher, teaching about life in the outdoors at the Volda University Collage, and as an outdoor guide. To her, it’s not just a job, it’s more of a way of life.

Ljung pants tested on a cliff
Ljung pants tested in Norway

The presence of the elements is very much of a reality in Volda. It’s a small place that is cramped between the fjords and the mountains, which makes the outdoor lifestyle a reality everyday of the week. Even though the environment is beautiful and dramatic Stina tells us what’s even more interesting; what a life outside can do to our inside. “When you are outside you become much more present, you feel the elements of the nature. For instance, in a storm it makes you feel very small, it is a very humbling experience with an existential feeling. The outdoors make you feel very alive!” She tells us about research that states that when we are outdoors it clears our minds, we become more present and better at problem-solving and it can make us more happy. We could not agree more!

The work Stina does outside has given her a lot of opportunities to see exciting places and to meet many new people. One of her most fond memories is from Lofoten, where she spent the whole summer. She lived in a tent, went on long hikes, climbed and was teaching kids and youths about life in the outdoors.

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Ljung pants tested on a glacier
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