The worlds best webbing belt.

The worlds best webbing belt.

This might seem like a basic product, just a normal webbing belt. But it is one of the most exciting projects we been working on and possibly the worlds best webbing belt. The fact that it is such a simple product and yet with so much possibilities both aesthetically and from a production point of view makes it really really fun working on.


We have just received the final sample of the aluminum buckle and it looks great. It has been made by our friends at UTX and is Bluesign approve. The combination with the webbing quality and the aluminum buckle make this belt extremely long lasting, you will never need another belt once you have this one.


webbing belt samples
webbing belt

This project has been in the making for quite some time now and make sure to read the initial blog post on the webbing production and benefits of Solution dyed yarn here:


Studio setup
2019 was a really exciting year. We finally started to deliver the Ljung pants and it has been really nice
trucker vide
After a long long wait the production of the Vide fleece finally started to arrive. Last week we got the
Outstanding production. A part of the design philosophy is that a product is not designed until it has been produced.
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Insulated jacket.

Insulated jacket.

One of the very initial starting points for Norra was to share as much as possible and give you a window to whats going and it is finally time to share some more info on whats being worked on. It has really been too long since we posted anything on this project but it has been slowly cocking  in the background and this lastest status. 

As brief background on this project. It all started out as an idea two jackets, one insulation piece and one shell piece, both of which should work together and on their own. We have been focusing on the first piece, the insulation jacket.

Just like any of our product we want it to be extremely versatile both interms of functions both also from an aesthetic point of view. Essentially an insulation jacket that you feel comfortable wearing in any situation. All the functions and material properties for an active outdoor life but with a simple approach to design.

The exterior has its origin from Vide. The same classic design over the shoulders and chest which integrates really well with a zipped chest pocket.

design sketch jacket
design sketch jacket

The design and features has been slightly adjusted since last time we showed sketches.  On the outside have we placed two zipped main pockets and one zipped chest pocket. We have tried to make all details in such a way that they can easily be repair if needed. For example the hood adjustment that is external and therefore much simpler to repair if anything should break. On the inside we find an adjustment in the hem, more details on this one and some of the other parts of the jacket as soon as the first sample arrives.

As always are we looking for the most responsible ways of working with materials and production and in this case will try to use as much of the same material as possible and make that out of as much recycled content as possible.

One of the worlds leading producers of insulation is Primaloft. They have been refining the technology of creating high-preforming insulation made from post-consumer polyester for years. They are also bluesign approved which is great! The plan is to use a 100g/sqm insulation padding made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Primaloft insulation
Recycled fabrics

For this project one could say that the insulation is equally important as the fabrics and the fabric that we are looking at are as well made from 100% recycled polyester and bluesign approved. The outer fabric has a matt finish and weaved with a small rip-stop givning it a tear strength of 9,8N in both the warp and weft direction while weighing in a 60g/sqm. The lining also be made from 100% recycled polyester and bluesign approved but in a slightly simpler plain weave. 

Next up is first prototype, stay tuned 🙂 


Insulated materials and fabrics
One of the very initial starting points for Norra was to share as much as possible and give you a
Time really flies and it has all ready been quite some time since the last update here on the blog.
design review
Here is a short recap on last Thursdays live review on Instagram. If you missed it live, simply click the
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2000 reviews.

2000 reviews.

We are extremely happy to let you know that we just past one great milestone in our pursuit of making high quality, transparent and responsible outdoor gear available to more. We just passed 2000 product reviews and we can’t thank you enough for all the great words and good input that we have gotten so far. It is extremely encouraging to see and read all the reviews and it really encourage us to make even better products going forward.

So, here's what you think so far:

The Ljung outdoor pants is by far the most reviewed product and not that strange since this was where it all started. With 950+ reviews this one makes up for almost half of all our reviews. What is extremely fun to see is how well the new Lind pants and Shorts has been received. Not even a year since the launch and combined together the shorts and pants have over 400 reviews so far.


The highest ranked product is the Vide Polartec fleece with a result of 4,9/5. This is an interesting piece and it feels like that people how have bought really really likes it, including us of course 🙂

Even though so many of you like what we are doing, there is still room for improvement. Sometimes that color was not as expected, or the material did not feel as you hoped. And it do happen that things break, but we really hope that we catch all of you how is not happy with what you’ve received.

One feedback we have received, is your experience of the women's version of Ljung. Some of you felt that the size where too narrow and too low in the waist. To meet your request, we have updated the women's fit with a slightly higher waist and wider seat. 

If we where to pick one key learning from all of our reviews, it is that by far, the most common reson for returning an item or giving it a less good review, our limited offer of sizes. Especially when it comes to leg length. We need more sizes, period.


Check out the below summery of all styles and reviews:

ljung pants

4,7 of 5.

The Ljung pants has got a total of 951 reviews.

Men | Women

4,8 of 5.

The Lupin tee has got a total of 324 reviews.

Men | Women

Vide fleece

4,9 of 5.

The Vide fleece has got a total of 121 reviews.

Men | Women

Lind pants

4,7 of 5.

The Lind pants has got a total of 254 reviews.

Men | Women

Lind shorts

4,8 of 5.

The Lind shorts has got a total of 178 reviews.

Men | Women

4,9 of 5.

The Lav neck warmer has got a total of 45 reviews.


Eva knee pads

4,4 of 5.

The Eva knee pads has got a total of 85 reviews.


Ask polartec

4,8 of 5.

The Ask hoodie has got a total of 37 reviews.

Men | Women


Norra Petter Jacob
I’m happy to announce that Norra now has a bigger team! Petter is also a local from Nynäshamn and we
We are extremely excited to let you know that our Kickstarter campaign for Ljung Outdoor Pants is now live! It has
The production of the Lupin Merino & Tencel Tee is progressing and we have just approved the labdips which is
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What’s happening? We are almost ready!

What’s happening? We are almost ready!

It has now been over two months since the last blog post and over four months since that last blog post about the new hoodie. What has taken so long time? Well, it turned out that making the best possible gear is challenging, and takes time. It has been over two years since this project was initiated, and countless samples and changes have been made, but that being said, it is really close to a release now 🙂

Cannot share the exact date, but it will happen before Christmas. It will initially be a limited launch, so stay tuned. Without revealing all the details, figured it would be nice to share some of the things that have happened since the last update.

From a product design perspective, there has been some rework done on the cuff and thumb hole. The initial design (to the left) was built on an overlapping “loop”. The main drawback we found, was that the loop stayed open when not in use. Also the construction, with such a curved seam, created a weak spot that we wanted to avoid.

The rework (final result to the right), came out really nice both from a fit but also functional perspective. When not in use the hole stays closed and somehow it feels and even looks better.


In the last presentation I briefly mentioned colors, and these are the two that initially will be launched. Classic black and a blue. The blue is similar to the Lupin tee mountain-blue color.

Lab dips
name label

One important thing that has happened, is that the hoodie have been given a name 😃. We got so manny great suggestions from all of you, thank you so much. We finally decided to call it Ask, after the suggestion from Gabriella. Ask is the Swedish word for Ash tree. The wood has some really great properties that in some sense is found in the hoodie as well. To start with, the Ash wood, is really strong, simliar to the durability of the outer surface of the hoodie. Ash is also quite flexible just like the stretch properties in the fabric. Simply a really good match.


Firstly, thank you all so much for the shown interest in the t-shirt project. We where overwhelmed by how many
Last week was spent in Munich, visiting two trade shows. First up was the Ispo show. Ispo is one of
It is strange but you rarely get to see how the products you wear are made. Somehow, almost like magic,
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Leaving plastic packaging behind.

Leaving plastic packaging behind.

Packaging is an essential part of the brand experience, especially when running an e-commerce store. There are many aspects to take into account, and time is now right to rethink the way we package our products and take the opportunity to see if we can improve our packaging.

The main reason for this rework was to see if we could find an alternative to all the plastics that we are currently using. Even though we are using some recycled plastics, plastic still originates from a finite source, and finding a renewable source is highly desirable.

We also wanted to see if we could improve the functionally of the packaging, making it easier for you to return your product in the same package, if needed.

It all starts with understanding the product journey, from the very start all the way home to you.

The main function for our packaging is of course to protect the products. The whole product journey has to be considered to understand what type of protection is needed in different parts of the journey. It starts at the sewing factory; once the product is finished we need to protect each and every single item separately. This is most commonly done by using a thin plastic bag. This is the first layer of protection. All these bags are then put into a large shipping box. Once the products arrives at our warehouse, the thin plastic bags continues to keep the product safe during sorting and storing in our warehouse. Once an order is placed, many time with more than one item, we need another layer of protection that also can hold all the items in that specific order.

This means that we have three main components in our packaging that works as protection:

First layer of protection.
Shipping box from factory.
Second layer of protection.

One good thing with our current packaging is that it is quite minimalistic. We always use a bag as our second layer of protection, meaning no unnecessary air is being shipped. But even though we use a bag, it still originates from a finite source of material.


So what are we changing?

Removing the plastic means changing the first and second layer of protection. The thin plastic bags that works as the first layer will be replaced with a thin paper bag, and the second layer will be replace by a thicker paper bag. Both are made from FSC-certified paper.

The second layer will also include a second strip of tape, which will make it more convenient if you need to return the package.


When will this happen?

We have already started, and we do the change gradually. Products that are produced from now on will have the new bag, while products that we have in stock, will keep the old one. This means that some of you will still get the old packaging and some will get the new. Replacing all our packaging at once would mean loads of wasted packaging material, but we aim to have all plastic bags phased out during 2022.


all products
We are extremely happy to let you know that we just past one great milestone in our pursuit of making
We are looking for some help! We are making progress in the development of our first pair of outdoor pants,
It is quite simple; I love being outdoor and I love gear. The idea of combining the two is something
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