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Beyond a long sleeve sweater, your everyday multi-adventure sweater, thats it. Multi-purpose and multi-use is for sure one of the cornerstones in every product we launch and one of the key thoughts behind the brand. And for every product we launch it feels like we are getting better and better at finding those small tweaks that makes the product simply work and preform no matter what activity you use it in.

With this new merino sweater we are even closer to ticking all those boxes and last week we did a mini excursion testing the final details on the latest protos.

Ride hike eat

What better way to test it than on a ride-hike-eat excursion. We took our bikes and rode some mtb and gravel to a close by nature reserve here in Nynäshamn. A 30-40 minute ride later and we arrived at trail leading up to one of the higher peaks here in Nynäshamn. 

Ride hike eat
Ride hike eat

We left the bikes and hiked to the top, stunning 67 meters above the water line. Hang on, so how did the sweater preform on the bikes?  Really good actually, no surprise there. The slightly longer back makes sure your back is protected even when leaning forward. Even the main layout of the zipper is inspired from traditional bike sweaters, the long 1/3 zip gives you great possibilities to ventilate if you get too hot. 

The transition to hiking was not too bad either. The fabric ingredient Tencel, which is 40% of the mix, has really good absorbent and evaporate properties. This means that as we still where building up body heat as we hiked up to the top the fabric helped us regulated the temperature.   

Ride hike eat
Ride hike eat
Ride hike eat
Ride hike eat
Ride hike eat
Ride hike eat

Sometimes a small peak like 67 meters can give you great views and with all the leafs changing colors this time of the year, the view over the archipelago was amazing. 

We stopped on the top to make lunch and just as the Tencel helped us cool the down, the Merino wool now helped us keep warm and we could all agree that the other small details that we had changed prior to this test all worked out to the better. 

The launch is getting closer and closer. 

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