Insulated materials and fabrics

Insulated jacket.

One of the very initial starting points for Norra was to share as much as possible and give you a window to whats going and it is finally time to share some more info on whats being worked on. It has really been too long since we posted anything on this project but it has been slowly cocking  in the background and this lastest status. 

As brief background on this project. It all started out as an idea two jackets, one insulation piece and one shell piece, both of which should work together and on their own. We have been focusing on the first piece, the insulation jacket.

Just like any of our product we want it to be extremely versatile both interms of functions both also from an aesthetic point of view. Essentially an insulation jacket that you feel comfortable wearing in any situation. All the functions and material properties for an active outdoor life but with a simple approach to design.

The exterior has its origin from Vide. The same classic design over the shoulders and chest which integrates really well with a zipped chest pocket.

design sketch jacket
design sketch jacket

The design and features has been slightly adjusted since last time we showed sketches.  On the outside have we placed two zipped main pockets and one zipped chest pocket. We have tried to make all details in such a way that they can easily be repair if needed. For example the hood adjustment that is external and therefore much simpler to repair if anything should break. On the inside we find an adjustment in the hem, more details on this one and some of the other parts of the jacket as soon as the first sample arrives.

As always are we looking for the most responsible ways of working with materials and production and in this case will try to use as much of the same material as possible and make that out of as much recycled content as possible.

One of the worlds leading producers of insulation is Primaloft. They have been refining the technology of creating high-preforming insulation made from post-consumer polyester for years. They are also bluesign approved which is great! The plan is to use a 100g/sqm insulation padding made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Primaloft insulation
Recycled fabrics

For this project one could say that the insulation is equally important as the fabrics and the fabric that we are looking at are as well made from 100% recycled polyester and bluesign approved. The outer fabric has a matt finish and weaved with a small rip-stop givning it a tear strength of 9,8N in both the warp and weft direction while weighing in a 60g/sqm. The lining also be made from 100% recycled polyester and bluesign approved but in a slightly simpler plain weave. 

Next up is first prototype, stay tuned 🙂 


We are extremely eager to let you know that we are making some big progress in the Polartec fleece project
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It is quite simple; I love being outdoor and I love gear. The idea of combining the two is something


En tanke som slagit mig som användare av jackor från existerande märken inom friluftslivet är att dom ganska väl tilltagna huvorna inte används i vardagslivet annat än vid kraftigt regn vilket sker ganska sällan. Resterande tid är huvorna ganska mycket i vägen kring nacken/axlarna. Det hade varit skönt att kunna ta av/på en huva beroende på om det är vardagscykling eller en längre expedition ute i naturen. En tanke bara ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ja det är en klurig fråga! Planen är att den inte ska bli för stor men ändå rymma en mindre hjälm, cykel eller klätterhjälp eller liknande. Upplever också att det ibland kan bli för mycket huva och att man nästan inte kan använda hovan om man inte har en stor hjälm under. Dock bra ide med avtagbar!


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