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One of the most resource consuming steps in textil production is the dyeing process. The dyeing process is basically when a textil gets its color. This process has looked very much the same for a very long time and it has one big problem; it generates a lot of waste water.


One of the biggest problem with textile production today is the coloring process.
This process is a very water and chemical intense process that generates large amount of waste water.

For a recycled polyester textile the traditional production process looks like this:

1. Plastic gets recycled and cut into small flakes.
2. The plastic flakes are turned into small plastic pellets.
3. The pellets are melted and extruded into a yarn.
4. The yarn is then used to weave for example a fabric.
5. The fabric then goes through a coloring process that creates up to 22 liters of waste water for every yard of fabric made.


One of the most interesting solutions to this problem is called Solution Dye.

This is very much a similar process but with one big exception, the need of water is removed from the process.
Instead the colors are added already before the pellets are turned into a yarn.

1. Plastic gets recycled and cut into small flakes.
2. The plastic flakes are turing into plastic pellets.
3. Pre-colored pellets are added into the mix.
4. The pellets are melted and extruded into a yarn.
5. This yarn is then used to weave a finished and colourful fabric.


You have to start somewhere and this is where our Solution Dye journey begins. We have found an opportunity and are now exploring the possibilities to implement this technology on an extremely usable product, a belt. The use of belts has been documented back to the Bronze Age and be made from many different material and formed in many different shapes during the centuries since.

Together with the company E-dye we will make our belts form 100% recycled polyester with the Solution Dye colouring process.

webbing belt

Stay tuned for more information soon!


Map with boat
Once the product had passed the final inspection and we had received and approved an inline production sample the pants
Studio setup
2019 was a really exciting year. We finally started to deliver the Ljung pants and it has been really nice
Producing textile products is quite complex, especially when working with technical and functional materials, as often used in the outdoors.

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