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Live – Design review 1.


Here is a short recap on last Thursdays live review on Instagram. If you missed it live, simply click the Instagram link to see it again.

Thanks to all of you who watched, and thanks for all the great feedback and input!  Here are some more pictures and info.

Some of you might have seen in the blog, that there has been some work going on, on an insulation jacket. Basically it is a very straight forward insulation piece that is aimed to work on its own or when layer with a shell of some sort. You can read more about this project here. 


The idea is to make this jacket in 100% recycled polyester and we are currently searching for main materials.

For filling we aim to use Primalofts recycled filling and for fabrics the key will be to find a light, yet durable fabric.

The top candidate at the moment is this 100% recycled polyester ripstop, which is highly packable and light weight (68g/sqm).

A lot of you have been asking for shorts and we have also been longing for a pair of pants that can compliment the Ljung pants during the hot summer days.

During the past months we have been working on a new concept, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share the progress and collect your valuable initial feedback. 

Brief design outlook:

Multifunctional, versatile and light weight hiking pants and shorts. Traditional design with clear functionality. Full stretch with a very high level of comfort.


Brief function outlook:

- Clean timeless design.
- Good fit, not too loose not too tight.
- Lightweight.
- Functional pockets.
- Adjustment possibilities.
- Quick drying.
- Extremely comfortable.


Brief price range outlook:

Our online price target is 800-1000 SEK.
The retail competition price 1400-1800 SEK.

These pants are going to be a single fabric product. A very light weight fabric that consist of 95% recycled nylon and 5% Polyurethane. The Polyurethane give the fabric some great stretch properties and the surface has a small wrinkle effect to it which prevents the fabric from sticking to your leg when to warm. The fabric weights 132g/sqm and mens size 48 will weight about 330 gram.


On these pants the hem adjustment is extended, making it possible to really tighten the hem around your vrist. We use the same durable aluminum hook as on the Ljung pants.




Stay tuned for more information soon!


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Define, refine and redefine. We are not only constantly evaluating our pants, we are also evaluating how and in what
Back in 2007 I got the opportunity from my design school to work on a project at NASA and the
Figured it was about time to give you a short recap on what is currently happening behind the scene, behind

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Rania (Northbound Journeys)

The jacket seems very promising, I am excited to see more about it as you progress with the design. And the pants I am absolutely stoked about – the fabric, design and look all seem great and I could see myself wearing pants like that basically every day haha. Holler if you need early testers to give feedback! I keep finding that pockets on female pants are always to small & tight so I hope you guys will make these big and roomy! Personally I wouldn’t mind a back pocket as well 😉 Thanks for all the good work you do and for keeping us in the loop!

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