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Prototypes and progress.

It has been a few weeks since my last post and a lot things have happened during this period! This post will be all about the development of the new fleece jackets and I am really excited about this project 🙂

A lot of work has been done on getting the pattern ready and making sure fabrics and all other trim details arrived to the factory so that they could start prototyping a few weeks ago. I have just received the samples and I am really impressed.

The cardigan.

The first product is a mid-layer that can work in so many different situations, basically every day from work to adventure.  Therefor it will be placed within our outdoor essentials range together with the Lupin t-shirt.

I think it is the simplicity that makes this mid-layer so interesting. The collar design is based on the Lupin t-shirt collar where you basically do not have anything that could be bulky or annoying around your neck.


A very straight forward closing system with snap buttons from Duraflex, these buttons as well as the fabric are BlueSign approved.

The hoody.

The second product is a classic mid-layer hoody and I think it turned out really nice. It is a balancing act to find just the right features while keeping the price in a reasonable range, but I really believe that this hits a sweet spot.

The hood sits quite snugged and the zipper has a chin-guard making sure you do not get any chafing on your chin.

Thumb hole

Classic thumb holes keeping your hands warm.

All zippers are YKK zippers and we have used the zipper size 5 for durability, where many other fleece jackets just uses size 3 zippers.

Two zipped hand pockets with semi-locking sliders making sure the pockets does not accidentally opens by them selves.


An elastic cord with adjustments on both sides gives you the possibility to tighten the bottom of the jacket. This is a quit classic feature but in my experience also something that often breaks, and this is because the normal way of attaching the elastic cord to the fabric is by sewing it to the fabric. As the cord is so thin the stitching becomes very weak and eventually the cord will come loose.
I have solved this by instead of attach the cord to the fabric, attach a webbing that the cord is tied to instead. This also makes is possible to easily replace the elastic cord if something should happen to the cord.

As these are production intense products, we will need to fund the production in the same way as we did with the Ljung pants via a Kickstarter campaign but the next step is to have these prototypes tested by some of you, more info on this soon.

We also need some help with two good names on these jackets, any suggestions?


It is really exciting to finally let you know some more details about our third project. It all started with
Why Kickstarter? As many of you already know, we have chosen to use the funding platform kickstarter.com to launch our
Insulated materials and fabrics
One of the very initial starting points for Norra was to share as much as possible and give you a


Lars Andersson

Döp en av fleece jackorna till Fjällbrud .
Byxorna heter ju Ljung .
Ljung & Fjällbrud är Norges Nationalblommor .

Mvh // Lars Andersson

Hej Lars!

Bra förslag, tusen tack!


Skvattram och Pors

Hej Tomas,

Tusen tack för förslagen! Gillar skvattram


I think the new jackets should be called Pors and Tibast. Maybe Skvattram is a suitable name too.

Hi Martin,

Thats 2 on Pors and Skvattram. I do like Tibast too!

All the best

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