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Design brief and fabrics.

The development of our second product, the t-shirt, is in full swing. A couple of days ago we blogged about what kind of t-shirt it would be and in which of our product categories it would fit. 

As we want this to become your go-to t-shirt and work in all kinds of occasions, we want to keep the design expression as neutral as possible. From a feature point of view the main driver here will be the material and fit. 

We have set the design brief to be like this:


The most important input we got from you was to use wool and we have come down to two different options and they both contain merino wool to some degree. We also really think merino is a fantastic material, it has outstanding characteristics, soft on the skin, naturally resistant to odor, renewable and biodegradable. 

We already have our own favourite, guess which one.

Fabric option one is a pure mulesingfree Merino wool fabric, it is a 150g/sqm weave. This would be a very fine merinofabric, soft and thin. A true ”one-material” fabric, organic and from a renewable source.

Option two is a merino and tencel fabric, it consists of 60% mulesingfree merino wool and 40% tencel. The tencel is a interesting fabric, it is a organic material made from cellulose. Usually from fast-growing trees. A biodegradable chemical is used to extract the fiber from the wood.

There are many environmental advantages of the tencel, for instance it uses way less water and land area compared to cotton and the trees are easier to protect from bugs which means less pesticides. This t-shirt would be biodegradable and made from renewable sources.

Trying to find the right balance between loose and tight fit will be key. Not too tight so that you can wear is comfortable as an everyday t-shirt but not too loose so that it can work good as a base layer if you are wearing multiple layers.


What started as an idea and a simple sketch have now gone through a bunch of steps that has been
Norra button, hook, elastic cord
Just three weeks post the ending of our first Kickstarter-campaign for our Ljung Outdoor Pants, we are pushing full throttle
I just wanted dive a bit deeper into the fleece fabric that we will use in our ongoing fleece project. 


I’ve got several t-shirts with merino but never use them; too tight, too warm and too itchy. On the other hand; I do love the Icebreaker merino base layer! Strange… 😉

Hopefully we can get you to like this one 🙂 When putting tencel into the mix with the merino you get a fabric that is much smoother to the skin then pure merino and the tencel also helps improve the temperature regulation making the fabric feeling cooler when you are too warm.

Rania {Northbound Journeys}

This sounds great! I definitely vote for a slightly loose fit, it should still look good but too many t-shirts like this from more active brands are way too tight in my opinion. I also like that it will have a slightly longer back! Another thing I think is a small detail that really makes t-shirts look better is when the trim / edge of the sleeves is rolled up 😀

Also so stoked to get our pants soon!

Cool, well noted! thanks for reading and the input!

Are so looking forward to get the pants out to you all!

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