T-shirt sketches in notebook

Outdoor essentials.

Our vision is to make great and multi-functional gear and clothing that can be used for all kinds of outdoor activities. As we plan ahead for the upcoming products we felt the need to revisit our idea of a clear and simple range structure.

These are our three categories:


Outdoor essentials.

Your basic essentials for example: more basic t-shirts, shirts or pants. Products that you would wear everyday all week.


Outdoor specifics.

Outdoor gear that has slightly more features, possibly for more specific activities.




Outdoor innovations.

Outdoor gear that pushes the limits and challenges current status quo.




The Ljung Pants is placed within the outdoor specific category and as we now initiated our second product we wanted to add a product in the outdoor essential category.

The idea is to make your everyday, every activity t-shirt. Basically a t-shirt you feel comfortable wearing to any activity or occasion, home to work to adventure.

We have just started the process and the very first step is to ask you! We already got some really great input from Instagram and Facebook and this really helps us to define the initial direction. The overall most clear input was to use merino wool and possibly in combination with another fiber for durability.



Merino fabric


One important aspect of being able to deliver our products to you will be the packaging. We wanted to find a
Norra Ljung pants
Building the Kickstarter campaign. During the past weeks we have been working on getting the Kickstarter campaign site and video
Colors. A while ago, we made a small survey on Instagram and Facebook regarding the coloring of our pants. We

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