Norra Ljung pants

Building the Kickstarter campaign.

During the past weeks we have been working on getting the Kickstarter campaign site and video ready.  Sharing the studio with a photographer sure helps and Johan at G40studio have been awesome.

Big thanks also to my wife Gabriella who has helped us with modeling. We have tried to get an as honest and straight forward look on the images as possible. And emphasizing on showing the hole person in a normal pose and not only showing the pants.


We wanted a studio setup that would give an honest and true image of the product, but that still would give the images a really nice lighting. We also tried to get an as optimized studio set as possible to speed up the production and easily get the same lightning for upcoming products.

photo shoot

The video shooting started out with getting a gimbal for more stable shots. Most of the video shooting was done by ourselves along with all the editing. This has by far been the most challenging part, both from a creative and making perspective. To try and move images, sound and at the same time convey a message is not easy. It has been many late nights and multiple days in the forest trying to get as close as possible to capture the mood we are after.

Even though this was really hard it also has been extremely fun and for every edit we did the video got a little bit better 🙂

Below is a very short sneak preview:

Movie editing

All editing was done in Adobe Premiere and we found and bought the music from This will not be the last video we make, so if you know and can recommend any other sources for getting suitable music, please let us know in the comment field below.


Tomas Vujic Schelin

Jag använder mig av för royalty free musik när jag redigerar videoklipp. Man betalar en årsavgift och sen får man ladda ner hur många låtar som helst och använda låtarna till vad du vill, inklusive reklam och kommersiella ändamål. De kanske inte har det största utbudet, men helt klart den enklaste och smidigaste licensieringsformen enligt mig!


Tack för tipset! Det ska vi kolla upp!


Johanna Norén

Epedemic Sound eller fråga Viktor? Lycka till!!

Ska bli 🙂

I am happy to have found you. I’d love to support your cause, and donate towards your Kickstarter campaign. I also am a photographer and am currently employed doing sales/marketing in Southern California. Let me know if you have opportunities, or need help with collaborations


We are glad you found us! We are always interested in great opportunities send us an email! By the way we just launched on kickstarter

All the best

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