The studio.

As mentioned earlier one could say that this journey began 1,5 years ago when I started up the design studios Norra Studios. And about one year ago I met Johan Gustavsson (, a photographer from Nynäshamn. It turned out both of us were looking for a place to setup our businesses. He had a friend that had an attic that he did not use. Said and done, we layed out the place as two studios. One photo studio and one design studio. It has turned out to be a perfect mix! I needed a photographer to take pictures of my products and Johan was happy getting products to take pictures of.

As my passion lies within the product design and development, and I wanted to set up the studio as a combined workshop/library/showroom. Back in 2013 I spent some months living at a backpack factory in Vietnam and it is in their sample rooms that magic happens. That’s where you get down and dirty, build-test-evaluate-tear apart/repeat.

First look at the attic.

Make space and planing layout.

Starting to look like a studio.

Adding some light.

Building the interiors.

Getting some machines in place.

Getting some materials in place.

Machine 1, Brother DB2-B737-113

Machine 2, Juni DNU-241H

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Wuau, you guys are really serious!!! Fantastic!!!

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