Cornerstone four.

A direct to you model.

The idea of making the distance to the customers much shorter. Selling directly to you without any retailers will make it possible to work with the best producers, best materials and at the same time offer products to a really good price.

In short:
– Direct sales online.
– Shorter lead time from idea to your hand.
– Cut costs as there are no middleman.
– Putting more focus on design and development.




I recently purchased a Haglöfs L.I.M. Strive 50 that I’ll probably be taking on my Kungsleden thru hike this summer. Looking forward to what you create in the way of minimalist lightweight packs if that’s in the mix!

Hi Brian!
Thanks for your message! For sure backpacks will be a part of Norra, however our first product out will be a multifunctional outdoor pant. More on info the pant here on the blog soon! Hope you keep follow our journey and any comments and feedback are really appreciated. I hope you have a great trip on Kungsleden!

All the best

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