Insulation jacket.
It has been a few weeks since the last update and it is really about time to share some more
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Studio setup
Ljung + Lupin + Vide + ?
2019 was a really exciting year. We finally started to deliver the Ljung pants and it has been really nice
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Vide kickstarter
The Vide Polartec® fleece jacket is finally live!
It feels extremely exciting to let you know that the Kickstarter campaign for The Vide Polartec® fleece is now live!
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Kickstarter campaign in the making.
We are extremely eager to let you know that we are making some big progress in the Polartec fleece project
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A craftsmanship that makes all the difference.
It is strange but you rarely get to see how the products you wear are made. Somehow, almost like magic,
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Fleece that redefines fleece.
I just wanted dive a bit deeper into the fleece fabric that we will use in our ongoing fleece project. 
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Marbäck sign
Lupin tee fabric production has started.
In a small town , called Marbäck, just outside Ulricehamn you find a state of the art knitting factory called
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Prototypes and progress.
It has been a few weeks since my last post and a lot things have happened during this period! This
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The merino & tencel fabric named Äng.
The production of the Lupin Merino & Tencel Tee is progressing and we have just approved the labdips which is
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Five times better when working with the best.
It is really exciting to finally let you know some more details about our third project. It all started with
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The merino/tencel t-shirt.
Firstly, thank you all so much for the shown interest in the t-shirt project. We where overwhelmed by how many
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Packing – shipping – packing.
It has for sure been a few really intense weeks and it all started with the delivery of the first
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The Ljung pants just arrived!
It has been almost one and a half years since the first sketch of the Ljung pants, and 6 months
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T-shirt development
T-shirt design and beta testers
We are pushing forward with the design of the t-shirt and as this is supposed to be your go-to t-shirt
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T-shirt brief
Design brief and fabrics.
The development of our second product, the t-shirt, is in full swing. A couple of days ago we blogged about
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T-shirt sketches in notebook
Outdoor essentials.
Our vision is to make great and multi-functional gear and clothing that can be used for all kinds of outdoor
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Map with boat
The journey home.
Once the product had passed the final inspection and we had received and approved an inline production sample the pants
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Figuring out the packaging.
One important aspect of being able to deliver our products to you will be the packaging. We wanted to find a
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Ljung production facilities
A visit to the Ljung Outdoor Pants production facilities.
Our partner that will sew the Norra Ljung Outdoor Pants is situated South-east of Hanoi. Their factory is strategically positioned
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Map South Korea
Outdoor in South Korea
In between our meetings in Seoul we took the chance to check out the Korean outdoor scene. After some asking
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