Norra is the idea of combining a burning passion for the outdoors with the burning passion for product design and development. The mission is to create honest, uncomplicated and functional gear from carefully selected and sustainable materials. It all started 2016 when I moved to the archipelago outside Stockholm in Sweden and started up Norra Studios. Norra Studios is a small outdoor oriented design studio that I started up after spending the past 7 years designing and developing backpacks and bags for the Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs. During past 1,5 years have Norra Studios been working with clients like Silva, Helly Hansen, Peak Performance and Loop tackle design.

Norra design studio
The idea of creating an independent brand has always been in the back of my head and starting up Norra Studios have given me the possibility to slowly breed my own ideas.

In 2018 I met up with Petter Zachrisson. Petter is also a local from Nynäshamn and we have run into each other here and there in the outdoor industry over the years, when Petter worked as a purchaser for an outdoor-retailer.

Petter has all e-commerce skills you could wish for combined with an extreme passion for the outdoors. Petter has also worked as a professional outdoor guide, with experience from guiding mountain and kayak trips both in New Zealand, Norway and Sweden.
Norra Petter Jacob


We love being outdoor and we love gear. The idea is to simply combine the two with the mission to create honest, uncomplicated and functional gear from carefully selected and sustainable materials. The concept is being built on four cornerstones:


Collaboration with the user.

Norra’s products will be built up from scratch and allowing the users to be part of the process. By giving insight early on in the process when the products are to be developed, we can get input and feedback from users right from the start, resulting in better products.

Woven label

Timeless design.

While the outdoor industry is approaching the fashion industry with its short-lived trends, Norra wants to go the opposite way and create timeless products that last. Norra’s products are designed to last for a long time, not only in terms of material selection and construction; It is also characterized by timeless design.

Sustainable, high quality products.

By focusing on quality in terms of sustainable materials, functionality and timeless design, Norra wants to give the consumer a comprehensive and sustainable alternative to today’s offer. 1.Focus on making long lasting gear that doesn’t break, can be repaired and will look contemporary year after year. 2. Always choose the most sustainable option possible. 3. Constantly improve inline products as new more sustainable options are presented.

Business model

A pricing that makes the products available to more.

By cutting out all the middlemen and selling directly to you, Norra will be able to provide more value for money and make high-quality products available to more people.